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Experienced and Strategic.

From your very first meeting with our staff to the resolution of your case, you can trust Carrillo & Associates to be professional and relentless. Building upon the successes of our legal experiences, we are highly rated by our clients and have garnered numerous positive reviews. 



Charlie Carrillo, Esq., is an accomplished attorney licensed to practice in Panama and admitted to the State of New York Bar. With extensive experience in complex and multifaceted federal litigation, immigration removal proceedings, criminal proceedings, post-convictions, and federal administrative cases, Attorney Carrillo brings a wealth of legal expertise to the table.

Known for his meticulous attention to detail, dedication, unique perspective, and creativity, Attorney Carrillo excels in finding the right strategies to defend his clients' cases effectively. Moreover, he takes the time to listen to his clients' needs, ensuring the provision of excellent service. Attorney Carrillo's qualifications uniquely position him to handle new challenges with confidence and proficiency, making him a trusted advocate for his clients.



Christine S. Somerlock, Esq., graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law with a focus on criminal law. Attorney Somerlock joined Carrillo & Associates in 2019. She is licensed in Maryland, and her practice areas encompass criminal law, contract law, and immigration law. With her expertise, Attorney Somerlock is committed to providing dedicated legal services to our clients in these areas.


Law Firm Administrator

In her role as the Law Firm Administrator at Carrillo & Associates, Ms. Vick assumes responsibility for overseeing the administrative operations, ensuring the seamless functioning of daily tasks. Her duties extend to the management of the firm's physical facilities and related functions, along with coordinating various business and social events. Drawing on her background in personnel and human resource management, Ms. Vick takes charge of the overall management of non-attorney personnel. Through her consistent communication with every department, she actively promotes trust and transparency. Ms. Vick's exceptional communication and organizational skills significantly contribute to the overall success of the firm.



Ms. Wills is a paralegal at Carrillo & Associates with over five years of legal experience. In her role, she takes on the responsibility of handling administrative filings with various government agencies. Ms. Wills works directly with the firm's clients, offering personalized attention to meet their legal needs. Her diligence and commitment ensure the provision of high-quality service to our clients, reflecting Carrillo & Associates' dedication to excellence in legal support.


Client Liaison 

Ms. Maria serves as the client liaison and a legal assistant at Carrillo & Associates, embodying the voice and face of the firm. As the initial point of contact, she is often the first person potential clients interact with when reaching out to the firm. From the moment a potential client initiates contact until the scheduled initial consultation, Ms. Maria plays a central role as the main point of contact. Known for her accessibility, compassion, and patience, she possesses the ability to provide clear advice on the initial steps toward legal representation.



Ms. Herrero is a paralegal at Carrillo & Associates with over fifteen years of experience. She serves as the administrative assistant overseeing the cases of clients located in Central and South America. Ms. Herrero's strong interpersonal and organizational skills enable her to work with the firm's clients in a professional and efficient manner, contributing to the achievement of positive results.

At Carrillo & Associates, every staff member brings a unique background, and together, we bring years of experience and a multitude of strengths. Our staff provides you with the edge you need for a positive result in your case. Furthermore, the law firm has robust connections with local law firms in North, Central, and South America, ensuring a global service for all our clients.


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